Marquette continues to impress audiences in the play, HOLY DAYS. This show is centered around one family’s trying time during the Dust Bowl and the Great Depression. As America migrated to find work, one family remained rooted to their barren farm, haunted by loss and the memories of a once-prosperous life. This play is harrowing and uplifting while audience members view the characters strengthen their the human spirit despite the face of seemingly intolerable odds. HOLY DAYS is partially supported by the Theatre and Social Justice Fund.

Katie Callahan, Larry Lajewski, Tim Braun, and Allie Bonesho

Aside from the brilliant direction from Debra Krajec as well as the fantastic acting by Katie Callahan, Larry Lajewski, Tim Braun, and Allie Bonesho, the designs were simply wonderful. For this show, the lighting, scenic, and costume designs were all student driven. The Scenic Design was done by Raquel Garces, ’13; Lex Gernon ’13; and Carissa Saia,’13. The Costume Design was done by Adriana Saia, ’13; Andrea Schoening, ’12; and Madelyne Yee, ’14. Finally, the Lighting Design was done by Nic Trapani, ’14.

Scenic Design by Raquel Garces, Lex Gernon, and Carissa Saia; Costume Design by Adriana Saia, Andrea Schoening, and Madelyn Yee; Lighting Design by Nic Trapani

HOLY DAYS was submitted to American College Theatre Festival (ACTF)-Region III (Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, and Wisconsin.) All of the design team has been asked to attend the conference to continue presenting their work to a larger audience. Being selected to go onto the conference is a rarity and an honor. 3 of the actors have been nominated for an Irene Ryan. An Irene Ryan is quite an honor as well. Allie, Tim and Katie will be competing a scene against other actors from colleges around Region III. The Marquette Theatre Department is currently waiting to hear whether or not the entire show will be brought to the conference, or if it will just be the Irene Ryan competitors and the design team.

Stay tuned for more information about results in regards to ACTF by checking here.